Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ideas About Wounds

Because of the nature of the campaign I have in mind . . . which will have some "role-playing" aspects . . . I intend to slightly modify the "wounds" as written in "The Sword and the Flame" rulebook.

"Non-face-card" black cards will cause "walking wounded". That means that they can no longer fight, shoot, lead or carry anything (such as other wounded) . . . but that they do not need to be carried as long as base movement is no greater than 2d6 inches.

If a face-card or diamond is drawn, the result is a "serious wound". Figures which suffer such must be carried by a healthy personnel. If a diamond is used to "kill" a non-leader, non-key figure, it must be a non-leader walking wounded if such is available.

Recovery from wounds will depend upon a number of factors, the chief of which is "wound severity". Note that a +1 is added to the die roll if the patient is either a "leader" OR at a friendly city (but still only a +1 if both):

Serious Wounds (roll 1d6)
  • 1-3 -- patient dies
  • 4 -- remains at "serious"
  • 5-6 -- improves to "walking"
Walking Wounded (roll 1d6)
  • 1-2 -- gets worse, becomes "serious"
  • 3 -- remains at "walking"
  • 4-6 -- returns to duty
This, of course applies to Native Leaders as well since "continuing villains" are great for campaigns . . . just as the players' favourite leader figures will be.

-- Jeff


  1. An interesting idea, Jeff, and I look forward to seeing how it works out.

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