Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mustering the Troops

I now have finished painting the troops which Alex, Pete and Murdock will field. I still have to order my own however . . . so until then I will have to borrow troops if my forces are involved in a battle.

While all of the forces are essentially the same in "game terms", they do have slightly different looks to them. Each force will consist of the following (with their position in the photos in parentheses):
  • a mounted Captain -- (center rear)
  • Senior Lieutenant on foot -- (center front)
  • Platoon of "British" -- (your left front)
  • Platoon of Sepoys -- (your right front)
  • Squad of Gurkhas -- (your left front)
  • Squad of "British" -- (your right front)
Now, reversing the order in which my players picked their River Systems, Alex will have first choice of which force he'd like to command; Pete will have second choice; and Murdock will get the one left over.

(note -- click on photo for larger view; click twice for even bigger view)

Group A (above) Has a platoon of Scots instead of British

Group B (above) Has a squad of Scots instead of British.

Group C (above) Has all British (and no Scots)

So, Alex, please let me know which group you like best . . . and Pete, you had best be thinking as well.

-- Jeff

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