Monday, May 30, 2011

Training Game -- NWF

Yesterday we played a "Training Game" using "The Sword and the Flame" rules.

Unfortunately Pete had to cancel, but Alex's friend Ian was able to join us, so along with Murdock and myself we had the four players we needed to tackle our training scenario.

Murdock has posted a nice account of the game with numerous photos on his blog.

The photo above shows the rescue force setting out . . . click on it or any other photos for a better view.)

We are saddened to report the loss in action of the following soldiers of the Queen during a recent action (May 29th, 1875) on India's Northwest Frontier:
  • Lt. Ian Hawkwood of the 88th Regt of Foot (Connaught Rangers)
  • Lt. Kenneth Chisholm of the 88th, seconded to 45th Bengal Native Infantry (Rattray's Sikhs)
  • Lt. Hugh Stewart of the 78th Regt of Foot (Ross-shire Buffs)
  • Pvt. Morgan Ross, 78th
  • Pvt. Clyde Sutherland, 78th
  • Pvt. Douglas Gordon, 78th
  • Pvt. Hugh Jones, 24th Regt. of Foot (South Wales Borderers)
  • Pvt. Evan Williams, 24th
  • Pvt. Tristan Jones, 24th
  • Pvt. Gavin Blayney, 24th
  • Pvt. Vaughn Thomas, 24th
Note that the following does not include the casualties (other than British) of the45th BNI (Rattray's Sikhs), 3rd Gurkha and 2nd PFF (Punjabi Frontier Force). The first of which suffered a great many dead, while the latter two had numerous wounded as well as a few fatalities.

In addition to a number of minor wounds amongst his Scots, Sgt. Hamish Murray of the 78th is credited with saving the lives of the following severely wounded men; although it is not yet known if they will recover from their wounds:
  • Pvt. Robert Innes, 78th
  • Pvt. Donald MacDonald, 78th
One of the men under Sgt. Murray managed to sketch some of the action (to the left) before the surviving members of their unit withdrew.


Both Alex and Ian were wanting to play again next weekend . . . so we will see if something can be arranged as long as our womenfolk have no other plans for us . . . a sometimes doubtful supposition.

-- Jeff


  1. Bluebeard Jeff,

    Surely Sgt Murray deserves the Military Medal at least for his exploits!

    Nice battle report.

    All the best,


  2. Sadly, Bob, the officers had all been killed by that point so there was no-one "important" to witness his actions . . . and the testimony of his "jocks" isn't considered to be any sort of "proof" . . . sad, but there it is, eh?

    -- Jeff