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March Results & Reinforcement Choices

Campaign Situation -- April 1st, 1876

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March saw a battle in M'tubel and some really nasty weather in the badlands of Luni (which was quite Linkbad for those who were injured).

Following the "Medical Report" are brief reports from the field relating to the experiences of the various River Commands.

Medical Report:

Lt. Neil Cosgrove, commanding 21st MNI was evacuated to Kyro, but his head wound has worsened to "serious".

Lt. Pete Kipling, adjutant of the Tyger River command, failed to improve and remains in stable condition.

Pvt. Angus Grant of the 92nd Foot (Vile River Command) died from the spear wound in his stomach which he received last month.

Pvt. Elliot O'Neill of the 88th Foot (Tyger River Command) failed to respond to treatment for the bullet wound in his leg. His condition is now listed as "serious".

Pvt. Gordon Ogilvy of the 72nd Foot (Wazu River Command) remained in "stable" condition.

Havildar Sonam of the 4th Gurka (Vile River Command) was evacuated to Kyro and remains in "serious" condition.

Gurka Rai of the 4th Gurka (Vile River Command) was evacuated to Kyro and his condition has improved to "stable".

Gurka Gurung of the 4th Gurka (Vile River Command) was evacuated to Kyro and his condition has improved to "stable".

Gurka Thapa of the 4th Gurka (Vile River Command) was evacuated to Kyro and has recovered from his injuries; and is fit to return to duty.

Sepoy Onkar of the 45th BNI (Tyger River Command) has died of the wound he received from the camel riders.

Sepoy Kulbir of the 45th BNI (Tyger River Command) failed to improve from his head wound and remains in "stable" condition.

Sepoy Gauri of the 21st MNI (Vile River Command) was evacuated to Kyro and his condition has improved to "stable".

Sepoy Bhanu of the 21st MNI (Vile River Command) was evacuated to Kyro and remains in "stable" condition.

Sepoy Chand of the 15th BNI (Wazu River Command) recovered from his injuries and returned to duty.

Cango River:

After spending February "on the river", during which Sepoy Harjot (#6) joined the 2nd PFF as a replacement for the late Sepoy Jarjot. Capt. Davidson responded to the grave reports coming out of Jadu.

Indeed upon landing the situation in Jadu seemed very grave. Merchant Patrick Duncan of the Jadu Trading Post was essentially under siege. But when Captain Davidson brought his sixty rifles to the rescue, only a brief firefight served to disperse the single Jadu jezail unit that was harassing the Trading Post.

Unfortunately Pvt. Evan Sykes (#8) of the 24th Foot was slain in the exchange of fire and Pvt. Owen Williams ($6) also of the 24th foot was wounded. In addition, Sepoy Jairaj (#18) of the 2nd PFF was seriously wounded . . . and one of the mules received a flesh wound in the hind quarter.

A later search of the jezail's location resulted in the discovery of six dead hillmen and several more blood trails. Indeed word seemed to spread quite rapidly and there was no resistance during the rest of the month.

Tyger River:

The terrain and weather were the principal enemies as Capt. Webley-Grant marched his forces from the District of Luni back into the G'umb velt with its teaming insect swarms. The hot, dry and rugged terrain along with the insects made the march most unpleasant. The wounded were particularly strained by the conditions as the medical report will verify.

Nevertheless, they were again greeted well by the G'umb people. The only casualty was Pvt. Clayton Brooks (#3) of the 88th Foot who broke his left forearm in a fall.

Vile River:

After defeating M'Shoota and burning the village of M'Eezee, Captain McMurdock's column suffered no further troubles.

He did dispatch the wounded on four mules along with two muleteers and four Sepoys (#4, 10, 13 and 18) to Kyro along with a request for Royal Navy support. In addition, he temporarily assigned Lt. Sharp to command of the 21st (Madras Pioneers) since Havildar Lakshmi had been newly promoted and could use a more experienced officer in command.

Turning east, McMurdock moved his forces from the jungles of M'tubel onto the plains of the Z'ooli veldt. Perhaps because of the accounts of the battle of M'Eezee had preceded them, the Z'ooli received the column with much ceremony and goodwill.

A native runner reached the column with a letter from Reverend Vernon of the M'tubel Mission. In it he passed on the information that word had come that Trader Thompson of the Dinga Trading Post had been attacked by Dinga natives and needed help. If Captain McMurdock takes "to the river", he could reach the District within the month (and get reinforcements from Kyro -- see new rule in notes); or if he turns south as he had planned, he won't be able to get there until July at the earliest. It is decision time . . . what will he do?

Wazu River:

Captain Ellis' column crossed from Fuziwa into Mazood near the headwaters of the West Wazu. They were well received by the Mazood tribesmen. Indeed the only real misfortune suffered was when Pvt. Angus Morgan managed to sleep near an anthill and woke up with nasty biting crawlers all over him. His resulting "dance" left his fellow Scots in hilarious laughter. So he is now known among his mates as "Antsy Angus, the Dancing Fool".

Reports from the south suggest that Ellis will continue in that direction.

Following are the current Rebellion Index for the various districts:Link
  • Alex's Cango River districts are in red
  • Pete's Tyger River districts are in green
  • Murdock's Vile River districts are in purple
  • Jeff's Wazu River districts are in blue
The following "codes" will be in effect -- and the die roll in parentheses indicate how many points the Rebellion Index will rise each month if not visited:
  • Home Districts are marked with * (d6-4)
  • Mission Districts are marked # (d6-2)
  • Trading Post Districts have a $ (d8-4)
  • Normal Districts are unmarked (d6-3)
  • "Beja" Districts are marked -- (B)
  • "Dervish" Districts are marked -- (D)
  • "Egyptian" Districts are marked -- (E)
  • "Pathan" Districts are marked -- (P)
  • "Zulu" Districts are marked -- (Z)


Tewfiq * -- (E) ---- 3
Derf # -- (B) ------- 6
Jadu $ -- (P) ------- 2
Zirak $ -- (P) ------ 3
Anwak -- (D) ------4
Bele -- (Z) ---------- 5
Noair -- (D) -------3
Quett -- (P) -------- 4
W'tut -- (Z) -------- 9


Nukar * -- (E) ---- 4
Ta'ish # -- (D) ---- 5
Afridi $ -- (P) ---- 5
Swati $ -- (P) ----- 4
Dendoa -- (B) ---- 7
G'umb -- (Z) ------ 2
Luni -- (P) --------- 2
M'wez -- (Z) ------ 2
Umma -- (D) ----- 5


Urabbi * -- (E) --- 2
M'tubel # -- (Z) -- 2
Bejj $ -- (B) -------- 5
Dinqa $ -- (D) ---- 10
Alghaz -- (D) ----- 6
Ghilz -- (P) -------- 5
Tarqa -- (P) -------- 5
J'ele -- (Z) ---------- 3
Z'ooli -- (Z) -------- 2

Kamel * -- (E) ----- 4
Baqqar # -- (D) --- 4
Fuziwa $ -- (B) ---- 2
Shluk $ -- (D) ----- 8
Dwari -- (P) ------- 5
Likaz -- (Z) -------- 7
Mazood -- (P) ---- 2
Ngoon -- (Z) ------ 4
Wazri -- (P) ------- 8

Reinforcements Choices:

All commands will get some reinforcements delivered to their home ports. Each player will have his choice of one of the following options:
  1. one British Lieutenant
  2. one artilleryman
  3. one cavalryman and one Sepoy
  4. two "Britons"
  5. one Gurkha and two Sepoys
Please inform me of your choice of reinforcements and next move as soon as you decide.

Rule Clarification

If you choose to go "On the River" for your monthly move, besides allowing you to end up on any District the river touches, this will allow you to visit your home port to both drop off injured and pick up reinforcements (but only up to the limit of your organization -- in other words I've only painted 20 figures to a platoon so you can't have more than that in it).

Doing this however does NOT permit you to "pacify" your "home district", just to visit and exchange troops.

-- Jeff


  1. We shall conduct a solemn ceremony for Pvt Angus Grant and be certain to post a letter home noting his accomplishments in Her Majesty's Service.

    If the lads will take up a collection then his family will be sent the bounty so collected.

  2. I'm really liking this "expanded view" of a campaign game in progress. Very cool. It's on my list of things to do somedaysomedaysomeday, and it's nice to have such a well-run one to refer to.