Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Look at April

Well here is your first look at April and it looks like we have another small fight on our hands. (Click on map below for a larger image of the mid-April situation.)

David's force is "on the river" so there was no chance of a battle there (at least not yet . . . eventually I do hope to build some riverboats).

Alex was facing a daunting task with W'tut's Rebellion Index at 9 . . . but I rolled a 13 so no battle there.

Pete didn't seem to be in much danger since Swati's Index was only a 4 . . . and indeed I rolled an 8 for him . . . so no battle there.

That leaves me. Well I was moving into Wazri with a Rebellion Index of 8 . . . any of the other rolls would be okay . . . but I rolled a 6 . . . so Captain Ellis will at least outnumber his "Pashtun-like" opponents. I suspect that at least some jezails will open up on us from long range (and beyond our range), but we will see.


David, Alex and Pete each chose the British Officer option, while I picked the two Brits option. New officers are:

Lt. Nigel Weston (Dec, 1874)
Lt. Lloyd Evans (Jan, 1875)
Lt. Brandon Sinclair (Feb, 1875)
-- Jeff


  1. So, when do we get to tangle on the tabletop?

  2. I can't play the game right away. I haven't painted any of my troops yet.

    I did get the lead cleaned up earlier this evening and they are now glued to painting sticks (well the glue should be drying anyway).

    I also based three more units of Zulus tonight as well . . . okay, glued them to pennies (I will paint the bases tomorrow).

    And finally, I soaked the Belgians you gave me off of those huge washers and glued them to pennies too.

    A busy evening, eh? But still a lot of painting to do . . . *sigh*.

    -- Jeff