Friday, September 2, 2011


A week ago or so I finished painting sixty more Zulus. This now gives me a total of 120 Zulus (six units of 20). I do still need to paint up some Indunas, but that shouldn't be a problem.

All of the figures are Ral Partha "true 25mm" figures . . . which are available from Great Endeavors. I should note, by the way, that each of the units is a different figure (except for their leaders for which I deliberately used a different figure).

As usual, click on the photos to see a larger image (then click again for an even larger image). I've painted two units each with black shields, white shields and "red" shields:

-- Jeff


  1. These look great Jeff. I know that all the same pose is less fashionable than it once was but in a game like TSATF I find it very convenient to be able to tell stray figures apart without having to check minor shield variations or similar and also important to be able to see the leader at a glance.

    Well done sir.

  2. Excellent! I do like to have different poses and accoutrements and such, especially in non-uniformed units, but these look great (and I think you'd have a hard time finding 120 variants. haha)

    The obvious quote that comes to mind:
    "Damned funny! Like a train in the distance."

  3. Excellent, a fearsome array. So much better to have the number of figures you need to hand than to 'recycle' casualties.