Friday, September 23, 2011

Tartan Troubles

Well I tried painting some of the plaids for my Colonial Scots . . . and really didn't like the results. I am now thinking of just leaving the block colors alone and ignoring the plaids.

It certainly won't be a problem with the dark green kilts of the 42nd; but it might be less successful with the red trews of the 72nd . . . but I really hate the way they look with even the sketchiest of lines.

So do I worry about being too historically correct? Or do I ignore the "Uniform Nazis" and just get the figures on the table?


-- Jeff


  1. Ignore the "Uniform Nazis" and go with what you are comfortable with.

  2. Have you tried an ultra fine drawing pen?

    Just add 3 vertical lines in front and 1 or 2 horizontal lines all around.

    Failing that, leave them in the base colour and say you've painted them to look realistic from a distance.

  3. I like Ross's idea and I have used it before to great effect, as well as just fine painting little 'crosses' in the correct location for the 'bright spots' in any particular tartan.

  4. I agree. Don't go crazy trying to get it "right". Have fun!