Monday, December 28, 2015

Encounter at Alghaz -- June, 1876

Rob and Murdock came over to fight an Afristan campaign encounter.  For reasons which I will shortly explain, I do not have much memory of the game.

First, I was already undergoing the early stages of one of my "gout attacks" so I was on pain meds.  But later that night I experienced some rather severe (non-heart) chest pains.  My dear wife correctly called for an ambulance and off we went to Emergency.

Later (on even more pain meds) I tried to sleep . . . and got maybe two to two and a half hours before the pain drove me out of bed.

Anyway I am now home and feeling somewhat better (except for my gout) . . . and am on even more medications.  Is it at all surprising that I don't recall much?

The photo above shows Murdock's "Vile River Command" moving into the Alghaz badlands . . . where they hoped to meet up with fellows like those below:

Why they looked for them high and low:

So finally some of the Alghaz stood up and said "hi".

So soon all of these "friends" got together:

Note #20 of the 21st MNI had been a scout earlier in the day.

Then the Alghaz launched their secret weapon . . . camels:

The end result was a "victory" for McMurdock's command . . . but the butcher's bill was higher than he liked . . . 16 dead, including Lt. Brian Rivers . . . and an additional 6 wounded, all of which only added more work for his pack train:

-- Jeff


  1. Good that you and Lani have each other to cover one another's backs!

    I'd say that your AAR summed up the action nicely.

  2. Phil, most of the figures are Ral Parthas, but some of the others (blue mob, camels) are figures I got from the London War Room.

    -- Jeff

    PS, The Hill Chief is a fantasy figure (Archive maybe ???) that I purchased about 30 years ago.

  3. Always a pleasure to see pics of a Colonial skirmish but I'm sorry to hear about the rebellious gout attack.

    A belated Merry Christmas and best wishes for an improved health year for you both.

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