Thursday, December 10, 2015

May 15, 1876 Map

After a long delay (due to various illnesses), I am looking to revive my Afristan Campaign after about a five-year hiatus.

Above you can see the current state of the mysterious mini-continent knows as "Afriboria" as of the middle of May, 1876.

Working "around the clock" starting with the upper left, we have:
  • Cango River District -- run by Alex -- Anwak and Bele look bad
  • Vile River District -- run by Murdock -- Tarqa and Alghaz are hotspots
  • Tyger River District -- now run by Rob -- Dendoa looks dangerous
  • Wazu River District -- run by me -- Shluk and Ngoon are looking ugly
I will undoubtedly tweak a few things before the re-start (probably early next year).  Right now, each District has one "Field Army" (indicated by coloured squares).  The higher the number for a territory, the closer it is to becoming "rebellious" . . . and that is bad.

 -- Jeff


  1. 5 years!? It doesn't possible. Anyway, good news!

  2. Well first one player had a heart attack; then I got cancer . . . and time flies by.

    -- Jeff

  3. Nice to see your campaign back in action.

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