Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ouch! Campaign Delayed

I just learned that Pete, one of players for my Afristan Campaign is in hospital having suffered a mild heart attack . . . but "mild heart attack" is still a heart attack and THAT surely takes precedence over a miniatures campaign.

Let us all wish Pete a comfortable and full recovery . . . and my miniatures will wait patiently for that. (In fact it might even allow my painting to catch up a bit).

So please send prayers and best wishes to Pete. I do.

-- Jeff


  1. That's not good news Jeff! Though thank goodness it wasn't worse. I predict that within 6 weeks he will be ready to be propped up in a chair and entertained with a small skirmish.

    Please pass on my good wishes and let him know that I can support your recommendations for rest.

  2. All will be well, we shall know more by this time tomorrow.

    With even the simplest procedure, angioplasty, he will be seeking a slower pace, something that minis provides since the game 'freezes' moment to moment.

  3. I'm sorry to hear Pete's unwell. There's no such thing as a "mild" heart attack really. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

  4. God - Please Bless Pete,
    Get well soon.

  5. Amen
    to what Bill has just posted...

  6. Jeff,

    Not to belittle the concern for Pete's health, but the rest of you can carry on. There is just no activity in his district. Reports and such will surely cheer him up and keep everyone's enthusiasm for the campaign at a high level. I waitied for a guy once and the other lost interest.

    Just a thought.