Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Accidents Happen

Now that the Afristan Campaign has begun, I should mention that beside the chance of a battle occurring, there is always the possibility of "accidents" happening.

Perhaps not surprisingly, accidents are more likely to occur if the district that a Field Force is traversing is one where the populace is closer to rebellion than it is if they are glad to see the British.

In other words, the closer that the d20 roll vs a district's Rebellion Index is, the greater the chance of accidents . I will not reveal just how this works right now, but the number of "accident die rolls" increases as things get dangerous.

The usual Field Force consists of six "elements" (at least at this point in the campaign):
  1. Command -- 2 officers & 1 horse = 3
  2. British Platoon -- 20 men
  3. British Squad -- 10 men
  4. Sepoy Platoon -- 20 men
  5. Gurkha Squad -- 10 men
  6. Supply Train -- 6 men & 6 mules = 12
I will roll 1d6 to determine which of the above units might suffer an accident. Then I will roll 1d30. If that number rolled is greater than the number of targets available, then no accident occurs. If, on the other hand, it falls on a number, then that character number (on the force lists) may suffer an accident:

To determine this, I'll roll 1d12:
  • on a 1 -- target dies
  • on 2-3 -- serious wound
  • on 4-7 -- less serious wound
  • on 8-9 -- minor misfortune
  • 10-12 -- nothing happens
However with four Field Forces, I expect that there will be the occasional mishap to add "color" to the campaign. Healing of injuries will be as described near the bottom of an earlier post.

-- Jeff

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