Saturday, July 30, 2011

Position Clarification & New Rule

I wish to clarify something. The placement of your Field Force symbol within a District does NOT indicate its actual position.

I simply place the Field Force symbol in a convenient open space within the District.

When you are in a District, you are moving around throughout the whole District and could be anywhere you want in the District at month's end.

I based my campaign rules on the Jarania system, but I've made several changes . . . and now I'm going to make one more.

Instead of only being able to move into a directly adjacent District (or onto the River), I will allow you to travel through one or two hexes only of an intervening District in order to reach your desired District (or the River).

However, you will have to take a d20 test against the Rebellion Index of the intervening District and will be stopped there if you face any fighting. But if you make it safely through you will NOT "pacify" that District. It's Rebellion Index will not be altered by your journey.

Additionally, there will be a penalty to the d20 die roll in your eventual target District should you reach it. The penalty will depend upon the number of hexes you needed to travel to your target District:
  • if one hex -- d20 test vs Rebellion Index will have a -1 penalty if an even number is rolled on the d20
  • if two hexes -- the d20 test will have a -2 penalty on the die roll no matter what is rolled -- this represents the reduced time spent in the District.
So, while I do not think that this will change either Pete or Murdock's February moves, they are free to change them if they like -- but let me know soon please; since Alex's move isn't in yet, he will have time to contemplate this rule change before he responds with his move.

-- Jeff


  1. Hi Jeff,

    Another interested campaign follower here.

    Would it be simpler to just remove the hexes and go with area movement? Eliminates fussy movement and no hex number system being in place. Also eliminates interpretation errors on the "umpire's" part.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I agree with Jim.

    For this run let's save on the extra work?