Monday, January 31, 2011

Jarania-style Campaign

After reading Stephen Luscombe's Jarania Campaign rules, I've decided to put together a somewhat similar campaign using my troops . . . and, yes, that means that I intend to concentrate on Colonials this year.

By the way, Mr. Luscombe is the author of the extensive "The British Empire" website . . . which is well worth some time spent exploring it.

To the left you will see an early version of my heavily revamped campaign map. Each player will be responsible for one of the "rivers" (roughly a quarter of the map).

Each "river" command will contain nine territories . . . only one of which is truly under the control of the ruling Pasha.

The rest will, as in the Jarania rules, need a constantly roving Imperial presence. The longer a territory goes without being visited by Imperial troops the more likely it will be that they will rise in a revolt and attack.

If you look closely (click on image for a better view), you will see that each river has two settlements in a single territory . . . those are the "loyal" ones. You will also see some purple-outlined triangles . . . those are missionaries (and you KNOW that they'll get in trouble).

Each player will have some starting troops and slow replacements (sort of per Jarania) . . . and will have to try and keep the peace in their territory. Of course, when a battle does happen, the other players will get to play the Natives.

Of course there is a lot still to do. I'm painting more Pathans at the moment; then I'll have to paint Zulus, Dervishes and Egyptians . . . so it looks like I'll be spending more moola at Great Eneavors as I get a bunch more Ral Partha Colonials (via their subscriptions, which also allow one to get existing figures at a substantial savings).

I should have enough troops ready soon, so I'm hoping that a "learning battle" can be set up soon.

-- Jeff

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thinking "Colonials" in 2011

Lately I've been wanting to play some Colonials.

And I think that I want to play some "The Sword and the Flame" as opposed to the rules I wrote about ten years ago.


Well because TSATF is a very good set of rules. It has been the leading (as in most played) set of Colonial rules for over 30 years . . . and, as in the photo above, fights often come down to a very exciting finish.

Okay, that's fine . . . but I have a problem.

I last played Colonials in California. I had (and still have) the Imperial forces . . . but my friend Bill S. had (and still has) all of the Native forces. So we're now 1200 miles apart and in different countries.

That means I need to get (and paint) a lot of natives before I can do much . . . *sigh* . . . so I guess that that will be one of my projects this new year.

-- Jeff