Monday, December 28, 2015

Encounter at Alghaz -- June, 1876

Rob and Murdock came over to fight an Afristan campaign encounter.  For reasons which I will shortly explain, I do not have much memory of the game.

First, I was already undergoing the early stages of one of my "gout attacks" so I was on pain meds.  But later that night I experienced some rather severe (non-heart) chest pains.  My dear wife correctly called for an ambulance and off we went to Emergency.

Later (on even more pain meds) I tried to sleep . . . and got maybe two to two and a half hours before the pain drove me out of bed.

Anyway I am now home and feeling somewhat better (except for my gout) . . . and am on even more medications.  Is it at all surprising that I don't recall much?

The photo above shows Murdock's "Vile River Command" moving into the Alghaz badlands . . . where they hoped to meet up with fellows like those below:

Why they looked for them high and low:

So finally some of the Alghaz stood up and said "hi".

So soon all of these "friends" got together:

Note #20 of the 21st MNI had been a scout earlier in the day.

Then the Alghaz launched their secret weapon . . . camels:

The end result was a "victory" for McMurdock's command . . . but the butcher's bill was higher than he liked . . . 16 dead, including Lt. Brian Rivers . . . and an additional 6 wounded, all of which only added more work for his pack train:

-- Jeff

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Situation -- June, 1876

Just a quick, interim post showing the latest developments in Afristan:

As you can see, we have two battles looming.  Both the Vile River forces in Alghaz and the Cango River forces in Anwak have run into difficulties.

We are supposed to play the first battle (Vile River vs Alghaz) tonight.  I'm waiting for the guys to arrive as I type.

-- Jeff

Friday, December 25, 2015

End of May, 1876 -- Situation & Medical

May saw both a substantial battle (see here) in the Tyger; and a small skirmish on the Cango as well as a few mishaps here and there.
Alex is in Derf; David, in Dinga; Rob, in Ta'ish; and Jeff, in Likaz

Above you see the map and each of you needs to decide where to go next.  Remember that you can:
  • go to any adjacent province (crossing water is okay, but mountains block movement)
  • or move through one or two hexes of a province to reach yet another province (although you will take penalties and might be stopped in the first province)
  • or go "On the River" for the month (this allows you to visit your capitol and transfer troops, and you get to end the month in any province touching your river's blue waters).
So where do you want to go?  Remember the higher the "Rebellion Index" is, the more volatile the province.

Following are the current Rebellion Index for the various districts:
  • Alex's Cango River districts are in red
  • Rob's Tyger River districts are in green
  • Murdock's Vile River districts are in purple
  • Jeff's Wazu River districts are in blue
The following "codes" will be in effect -- and the die roll in parentheses indicate how many points the Rebellion Index will rise each month if not visited:
  • Home Districts are marked with * (d6-4)
  • Mission Districts are marked # (d6-2)
  • Trading Post Districts have a $ (d8-4)
  • Normal Districts are unmarked (d6-3)
  • "Beja" Districts are marked -- (B)
  • "Dervish" Districts are marked -- (D)
  • "Egyptian" Districts are marked -- (E)
  • "Pathan" Districts are marked -- (P)
  • "Zulu" Districts are marked -- (Z)


Tewfiq * -- (E) ---- 3
Derf # -- (B) ------- 2
Jadu $ -- (P) ------- 2 => 4
Zirak $ -- (P) ------ 3 => 5
Anwak -- (D) -------- 8
Bele -- (Z) ---------- 10 => 11
Noair -- (D) ----------3 => 6
Quett -- (P) --------- 4 => 5
W'tut -- (Z) --------- 2


Nukar * -- (E) ----- 4
Ta'ish # -- (D) ---- 2
Afridi $ -- (P) ----- 6
Swati $ -- (P) ----- 2 => 5
Dendoa -- (B) ---- 12
G'umb -- (Z) ------- 2 => 5
Luni -- (P) ---------- 2 => 5
M'wez -- (Z) ------- 5 => 8
Umma -- (D) ------ 8


Urabbi * -- (E) --- 2
M'tubel # -- (Z) -- 5
Bejj $ -- (B) ------- 5
Dinqa $ -- (D) ---- 2
Alghaz -- (D)  ------ 7 => 10
Ghilz -- (P) --------- 6
Tarqa -- (P) -------- 8
J'ele -- (Z) ---------- 3
Z'ooli -- (Z) --------- 3

Kamel * -- (E) ----- 4
Baqqar # -- (D) -- 7 => 10
Fuziwa $ -- (B) --- 3 => 5
Shluk $ -- (D) ---- 9 

Dwari -- (P) --------- 5
Likaz -- (Z) ---------- 2
Mazood -- (P) ------ 2 => 4 
Ngoon -- (Z) ------- 8
Wazri -- (P) -------- 2 => 3

The Butcher's Bill:

The Tyger River forces took a severe mauling in their successful campaign to bring peace back to Ta'ish . . . but in doing so the following perished:

Lt. Pete Kipling -- Adjutant to Capt. Robert Farrier, slain at Ta'ish, May, 1876
Lt. Hiram Peterson -- 88th Connaught Rangers, killed at Ta'ish, May, 1876
Lt. Christopher Stewart -- 45th BNI, died leading his men, Ta'ish, May, 1876

Pvt. Clayton Brooks -- 88th, #3 -- died of earlier woundsPvt. Albert Simpson -- 88th, #10
Pvt. Thomas Hudson -- 88th, #11
Pvt. Charles Smith -- 88th, #13
Pvt. George Nash -- 88th, #14
Pvt. Christopher Young -- 88th, #15
Pvt. Alan Wallace -- 78th, #2
Pvt. Graham Shaw -- 78th, #4
Pvt. Ian Cameron -- 78th, #5
Pvt. Donald Matheson -- 78th, #8
Pvt. Lewis Duncan -- 78th, #10

Havildar Dey -- 45th, #2
Havildar Rawal -- 2nd, #1
Sepoy Livtar -- 45th, #9
Sepoy Bhajan -- 45th, #11
Sepoy Abrik -- 45th, #15
Sepoy Manoj -- 45th, #16
Sepoy Irleen -- 45th, #18
Gurkha Pun -- 2nd, #6
Gurkha Gurung -- 2nd, #10

Also this month, the Cango River forces fought a sharp skirmish against the natives of Derf Province with three fatalities (and a few wounded) amongst its forces:

Pvt. Peter Lindsey -- 59th, #13
Pvt. James White -- 59th, #20
Sepoy Harleen -- 2nd, #16

Capt. McMurdock's Vile River Command managed to quell the upsets in Dinga without fighting . . . but the 92nd Highlanders lost Pvt. David Sinclair, who was carried off by a fever.

Finally the Wazu River Forces were successful in calming matters in Likaz without the loss of any life . . . however Sepoy Rasgur (15th, #16) passed away from prior serious wounds.

Medical Reports:


Lt. Neil Cosgrove, 21st (#1):  commanding 21st MNI was evacuated to Kyro, but his head wound worsened to "serious", then improved to steady . . . and now he has been deemed eligible to return to dutyCurrently in Kyro.

Tyger River:

Pvt. Clayton Brooks, 88th, #3 -- injured 3/76, serious 4/76. died, 5/76
Pvt. Elliot O'Neill, 88th, #6 -- wounded 2/76 serious 3/76, stable 4/76, returned to duty  
Pvt. Cecil Hill, 88th, #9 – 5/76 wounded, returned to duty
Pvt. Geoffrey Knotts, 88th, #12 – 5/76 wounded, returned to duty
Pvt. Ronald Appleby, 88th, #20 – 5/76 serious

Pvt. Connor Sutherland, 78th, #3 – 5/76 wounded, stable
Pvt. Fergus Sinclair, 78th, #7 – 5/76 wounded, returned to duty
Pvt. Keith Sinclair, 78th, #9 – 5/76 serious
Sepoy Dharat, 45th BNI, #3 – 5/76 wounded, returned to duty
Sepoy Foola, 45th BNI, #8 – 5/76 wounded, returned to duty
Sepoy Kulbir, 45th BNI, #19 – 5/76 wounded, returned to duty
Gurkha Sunam, 2nd, #2 – 5/76 wounded, returned to duty
Gurkha Lamat, 2nd, #3 – 5/76 wounded, serious
Gurkha Nawangt, 2nd, #5 – 5/76 wounded, serious
Gurkha Ghale, 2nd, #9 – 5/76 wounded, serious
Cango River:

Pvt. Gavin Shaw, 24th, #10 – 5/76 stable

Vile River: 

Havildar Sonam, 4th, #1 -- serious (2-3/76); stable 4/76,  (in Kyro)
Gurka Gurun, 4th, #5 -- serious
Gurkha Rai, 4th, #3 -- stable
Sepoy Gauri, 21st, #3 -- serious

Wazu River:

Pvt. Gordon Ogilvy, 72nd, #8, -- injured 2-4/76, returned to duty, 5/76
Sepoy Rasgur, 15th BNI, #16 -- serious 4/76,  died 5/76
Sepoy Darvesh, 15th BNI, #17 -- stable 4/76, returned to duty, 5/76

Reinforcements:  Each player may choose two different reinforcement choices

  1. -- one British Officer
  2. -- two British Soldiers
  3. -- two Gurkhas
  4. -- one cavalryman & two Sepoys
  5. -- one artilleryman & one Gurkha
  6. -- four Sepoys

Monday, December 21, 2015

A Disasterous Victory

Last night Rob came over to learn how to play "The Sword and the Flame" colonial rules.  I had him take over the Tyger River District forces and he attempted to bring peace to the region of Ta'ish.

Capt. Robert Farrier deployed across a wide front

Above you can see the rolling terrain faced by Capt. Robert Farrier (who had replaced Capt. Peter Webley-Grant, when he was recalled back to Blighty)

On his left, Farrier deployed his platoon of Sepoys (45th BNI -- Ratray's Sikhs) in open order; next to them, his squad of Scots (78th Ross-shire Buffs -- which would later be known as the Seaforth Highlanders) in column;  behind them was the mule train (with wounded); a squad of Gurkhas (2nd) were in open order (with Farrier and Lt. Pete Kipling behind them); and finally on the right his platoon of British (88th Connaught Rangers) in column.

The small village ahead of them has been the focal point of rebellion in Ta'ish and Farrier's mission was to raze the village.

Early Ambushes by Dervishes failed to "complete"

The Tyger River forces walked into three ambushes . . . but the Dervishes lacked the commitment to carry them into the British.  Nevertheless there were  far too many "ones" thrown by Rob as British and Colonial casualties mounted.

Swords versus bayonets as Dervish meets the 88th

Of course the Natives took the worst of the damage and were eventually driven from the field . . . but with too many British forces falling to the enemy.  Then they reached the village:

The Hill Chief (in green) exhorts his riflemen to slay Imperials

Eventually the Hill Chief was severely wounded and enough of his riflemen slain that the rest turned tail and ran, so that Captain Farrier was able to raze the village and to stabilize the region (at least for now).

But the "butcher's bill" was way too high.  He entered the valley with about 60 men . . . and there were 21 dead and an additional 15 wounded.  Worst of all, it was the unit leaders who suffered the most.

Lt. Pete Kipling (Farrier's 2nd in command) was slain late in the battle after he had assumed command of the 78th after Lt. Christopher Stewart fell in action.  Also perishing was Lt. Hiram Peterson, commander of the 88th.

In addition, senior NCOs Havildar Dey of the 45th and Havildar Rawal who commanded the Gurka's were slain, as well as ten "other ranks".

Throughout the action, Gurkha Rai (#4) was outstanding and has been promoted to Havildar and assumes command of the few remaining Gurkhas.  We should note that with three dead and four more wounded, the Gurkhas, while willing, are not presently combat-ready.

With nearly 60% casualties, Capt. Farrier is expected to "take to the river" in order to get his wounded to Belhi for his June move.

-- Jeff

Thursday, December 10, 2015

May 15, 1876 Map

After a long delay (due to various illnesses), I am looking to revive my Afristan Campaign after about a five-year hiatus.

Above you can see the current state of the mysterious mini-continent knows as "Afriboria" as of the middle of May, 1876.

Working "around the clock" starting with the upper left, we have:
  • Cango River District -- run by Alex -- Anwak and Bele look bad
  • Vile River District -- run by Murdock -- Tarqa and Alghaz are hotspots
  • Tyger River District -- now run by Rob -- Dendoa looks dangerous
  • Wazu River District -- run by me -- Shluk and Ngoon are looking ugly
I will undoubtedly tweak a few things before the re-start (probably early next year).  Right now, each District has one "Field Army" (indicated by coloured squares).  The higher the number for a territory, the closer it is to becoming "rebellious" . . . and that is bad.

 -- Jeff