Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's My Birthday

Yes, strange as it may seem, I was actually born at 6:48 am PWT on June 19, 1948 in Carmel, California . . . so anyone who wants to draw my natal chart can now do so (although I've no idea of why you'd want to do so).

My dear wife did gift me with a few wargaming related items (okay, she asked me to order a few for myself and have them sent to her -- which I do much earlier in the year so that I don't remember everything and they can come as a surprise).

I got four DVD titles of note -- the first three of which are "Colonial" in nature:
  • "Khartoum"
  • "The Man Who Would Be King"
  • "Zulu Dawn" (yes, I already have "Zulu")
  • "The Civil War", a film by Ken Burns (actually 6 DVDs)
I also got a number of non-wargaming books and "Flames in the Punjab", a radical variant of "The Sword and the Flame" covering the Sikh Wars of the 1840s.

And tonight we will be going out to dinner . . . so turning 63 isn't all that bad.

-- Jeff

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Revised Rosters

Due to the recent actions on the Northwest Frontier, a number of replacement troops have had to join several units. The following British personnel rosters are up-to-date:

Squad of 78th Regiment of Foot -- (Ross-shire Buffs -- later Seaforth Highlanders):
  1. Sgt. Hamish Murray -- squad leader
  2. Pvt. Kenneth MacTaggart
  3. Pvt. Connor Sutherland
  4. Pvt. Graham Shaw
  5. Pvt. Ian Cameron
  6. Pvt. Robert Innes -- in hospital
  7. Pvt. Fergus Sinclair
  8. Pvt. Donald Matheson
  9. Pvt. Donald MacDonald -- in hospital
  10. Pvt. Lewis Duncan
Squad of 24th Regiment of Foot -- (2nd Warwickshire = South Wales Borderers:
  1. Sgt. Owen Alexander -- squad leader
  2. Pvt. Robert Jones
  3. Pvt. Hugh Porter
  4. Pvt. Bryce Davies
  5. Pvt. Rhys Evans
  6. Pvt. Owen Williams
  7. Pvt. Clyde Thomas
  8. Pvt. Evan Sykes
  9. Pvt. Dylan Hook
  10. Pvt. Gavin Shaw
(note that the above changes were created using my British Name Generator.)

-- Jeff