Monday, April 11, 2011

Campaign Changes -- 4/11/11

I have decided to make a few changes to the Campaign. Originally I had planned on following the guideline set down in the Jarania Campaign (which inspired mine) of having the "rebellion index" rise by 1 each month that a district was not visited.

I have decided to change this to increasing by 1d6-3 each non-visited month. This, while averaging out to the same increases over time, should generate more volatility and less predictability.

(Note -- click on map for larger image; or click twice for much larger image.)

I have also decided to allow players to spend a month "traveling the river" instead of visiting a district. This will allow them to move from one district bordering on the river to any other district bordering on the river. Such a journey would take a month. Note that such travel may only take place on the "blue" portions of rivers -- not the white "headwater" sections.

-- Jeff


  1. ok I am still not clear on "WHERE" are the 'districts'?

    are they the hexes?

  2. Within any particular "River Valley", a "district" is all of the adjoining hexes of the same color.

    The only district which might not be completely clear is at the headwaters of the Tyger River, where the "Afridi" district spans the non-navigable portion of the river. Thus the two grey hexes to the west as well as the two grey hexes to the east are all part of the Afridi District.

    So, in essence, each "district" will be all of the same terrain type; and all adjoining different terrain types will be other districts. So the color of the district should make it clear.

    I hope that that explains it.

    -- Jeff