Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Movement in Afristan

The much-hated ruler of Afristan, Pasha Omar Mustapha, has levied new taxes and fees in December, 1875 . . . coincidentally the arrival date of British forces (i.e., the player's "Field Forces" -- as detailed in the last four posts) in their "home districts".

Hence I feel the need to explain movement during the campaign.

(note: click on map to left for larger image; click twice for even larger image . . . and you might wish to open the map into a separate tab so that you can toggle back and forth.)

As of December, 1875, all players will be in their "home" districts (Tewfiq, Nukar, Urabbi, Kamel), which will mean that these Districts will remain "peaceful" (rebellion index of 2), while the other Districts will begin to react to Mustapha's new taxes.

Every month (yes, turns are a month long), each "Field Force" may move one of two ways:
  • move to any other district sharing a hex-side with the district you began in.
  • spend the month "on the river".
Districts directly across the river or a lake count as sharing a hex-side. Thus, for example, a Force could not only move from Nukar to either Dendoa or Umma (both obvious); but also across the river to M'wez or Afridi; or even across the lake to Ta'ish.

If a Field Force spends the month "on the river", they can drop off wounded (and pick up replacement troops if available) and then start the next month in any one District that touches the blue (i.e., navigable) portions of their river. However, if they are "on the river", they cannot attempt to "pacify" any district including their own, even if they dropped troops off there.

While in a district, you pacify it by either successfully fighting or by visiting various villages and other settlements within the district and so can end in any hex you choose.

By the way, the "reddish" Mountains are to be considered impassible at this time.

So, to summarize . . . you can spend a month in a district adjacent to the one you were last in (and attempt to pacify it); OR you can spend a month traveling on the river to get to a distant district but you won't pacify anything that month.

Travel across or on the river, by the way, is via boats . . . but we won't be worrying about that until later in the Campaign. For now we will just assume that it happens.

-- Jeff